Hobbs work is influenced by those acquainted with the science of neuro-aesthetics and cognitive cohesion and, the abstract artists who create mapped existence(s).  In particular, Robert Morris's neuro responsive art creating the labyrinth as a physical archetype and the process art of Sol Le Witt's visual mathematics to dismantle order to create another order. Also, the perceptual art installations of Yayoi Kusama converting her art into a self-cure for her own well-being, to achieve self-obliteration.

Hobbs interest in art and well-being together with her postgraduate research into art and cognitive perception, has influenced the development of a creative arts practice to provide neuro-diverse artistic environments as a therapeutic response to achieve sensory perception.

Hobbs artistic expression fulfills a need is to express existence in an energy that organises living organisms into logical form, colour and balance, driven by wanting to share her life experience of seeing the world in a computational order, by expressing how to make sense of an over stimulated, neuro diverse existence that is mathematically linear, as an autist and an artist.