Art for Sale... keep watching for updates as work is currently being uploaded for online sales


Price: 750.00 AUD
Acrylic and found objects. Tactile object, mounted on board and timber framed 60cm x 60cm.

Labyrinthine Collective

Price: 2750.00 AUD
Hand drawn using Cartesian linear visualisation of the artist's hard disc drive as the artist's avatar. 300x300mm x 15 Graphite Drawings on Graph Paper, mounted on brown card individually framed in glass and timber.

They are coming

Price: 1750.00 AUD
100x100mm x 15 engraved, 1 not engraved ceramic tiles (outside border) and 625 black and white ceramic tiles x 20x20mm (centre installation).

Atana Dapuritojo Potinija

Price: 4750.00 AUD
This body of work is the representation of the site of a vast palatial city of some 1,500 rooms at the peak of its existence, around 4,000 years ago known as the Palace of Knossos.


Price: 3500.00 AUD
Acrylic and mixed media on cotton mounted on MDF board 2m x 1m