Selection of Drawings, Paintings, Engravings and Prints

They are coming, 60cmx60cm ceramic engraved tile installation, 2014.

Knosticism, 2mx1m Acrylic, cotton and mixed media, 2016.

Close up of daub technique developed by artist.

Labyrinthine Collective

Labyrinthine Collective

Synchronicity, 60x60cm Acrylic, found objects and mixed media, 2015.

Labyrinthian Eclipse - Phase 3, Acrylic and cotton, 30cmx30cm, 2016.

Labyrinthian Eclipse - Phase 2, Acrylic and cotton, 45cmx45cm, 2016.

Labyrinthian Eclipse - Phase 1, Acrylic and cotton 30cmx30cm, 2016.

Labyrinthine Exists (triptych) x 3 x 20cmx15cm, Acrylic and cotton, 2015.

Labyrinthine Exists - Double Axe of the labrys, Acrylic and cotton, 20cmx15cm, 2015.

Labyrinthine Exists - The Labrys, As above... so below, Acrylic and cotton, 20cmx15cm, 2015.

Labyrinthine Exists - Corner Stones of the Labrys, Acrylic and cotton, 20cmx15cm, 2015.

Negative Alternation, Acrylic, graphite and cotton, 30cmx30cm, 2016.

Positive Alternation, Acrylic, graphite and cotton, 30cmx30cm, 2016.

The Matrix of the Cube, (triptych), Acrylic, graphite and cotton, 20cmx20cmx3, 2016.

The Matrix of the Cube #1, Graphite, Acrylic and cotton, 20cmx20cm, 2016.

032147658, (triptych), Acrylic and cotton mounted and framed in pine, 30cmx30cm x 16, 2016.

“…I perceive …I experience …I construct …I arrange,” Graphite and graph paper mounted on brown card (photograph by the artist), 2016.


I have been a textile artist for more than 30 years.  Since returning to study I have used this experience to expand my arts practice to include the use of mixed media. 

This collection of works is a study of visual mathematics representative of harmony and balance, held within form and content. It is a neuro-diverse approach to express an expanded behaviour of perception.  Various artistic techniques that have been developed and introduced into the work are characteristic of  my methodological approach to visual inquiry.  

The practice of creating patterns within a geometric structure for me, is a personal cognitive process that explores the boundaries of my perception. This world is linear.  I see the world in patterns, as an independent visual language of mathematical thought within multiple pathways. This is the lived experience of my world, which is made up of sensory aspects of an autistic environment. My cognitive applications are constantly dismantling, and constructing multidimensional, linear pathways, independent of time and space.