The Matrix of the Cube, (triptych) 20x20cm x 3, Graphite, acrylic and cotton, 2016


Bridges 2017 Canada
'Alternation' (triptych) 30x30cm x 2 paintings - cotton, graphite and acrylic

'The Matrix of the Cube' (triptych) 20x20cm x 3 paintings - cotton, graphite and acrylic

Helpmann Academy
Graduate Exhibition
'Labyrinthine Collective I'
(triptych) 100x150cm x 15 drawings - graphite and graph paper


Bridges Conference
Finland August 9-13 Juried Exhibition 'Labyrinthian Exists' (triptych) 20x25cm x 3 paintings - acrylic and cotton

Lethbridge Gallery, Small Scale Art Award, Art Competition Finalist Exhibition 'Labyrinthine Existence Collective' I & II, - 2 x  digital prints on cotton paper


Encounter, UniSA Grad Show December 11-18, Kaurna Building, Unisa City West
'Atana Dapuritojo Potinija' 36 photo-etched ceramic tiles (1.5x1.5)
Scratching the Surface August 6, Liverpool Street Studios, Unisa City West
‘They are coming’  80x80cm 15 -etched ceramic tiles and 720 -mosaic tiles

Unisa City West Campus Art in Public - 20m Mural, student theme - Birth of the Thinking Brain, commisioned by the university's School of Art, Architecture and Design.    


Follow the Thread Exhibition 10 April - 19 May, Stationmaster's Art Gallery
'Loss of Presence'  2mx1.5m cotton, minerals and found objects textile art project


ANZ Art Competition for the Environment - 2nd prize for collaged portraiture, newsprint, card