The Matrix of the Cube, (triptych) 20x20cm x 3, Graphite, acrylic and cotton, 2016


Friends 2019, Hahndorf Gallery, FSASA, Members and Students Exhibition, 'The Cognitive Matrix' 160x90cm Acrylic, graphite, marker, cotton.


Zeros and Ones, Adelaide Town Hall First Floor Gallery, Emerging Curator Program, 'Synchronicity' 60x60cm Mixed Media, 'Knosticism' 1x2m Mixed Media, 'Labyrinthine Collective' 15x (30x30cm) graphite, paper.

Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition 'The Cognitive Matrix' 160x90cm Acrylic, graphite, marker, cotton.


A Walk in the Park, UniSA Grad Show, Kaurna Building, Unisa City West 'The Cognitive Matrix' 160x90cmAcrylic, graphite,marker, cotton

Masters of None, UniSA Masters Exhibition, Liverpool Street, Unisa City West 'Cognitive Immersion', Routed tiles and mixed media, Area 5m2.

Bridges 2017 Canada
'Alternation' (triptych) 30x30cm x 2 paintings - cotton, graphite and acrylic

Helpmann Academy
Graduate Exhibition
'Labyrinthine Collective'
(triptych) 100x150cm x 15 drawings - graphite and graph paper


Bridges Conference
Finland August 9-13 Juried Exhibition 'Labyrinthian Exists' (triptych) 20x25cm x 3 paintings - acrylic and cotton

Lethbridge Gallery, Small Scale Art Award, Art Competition Finalist Exhibition 'Labyrinthine Existence Collective' I & II, - 2 x  digital prints on cotton paper


Encounter, UniSA Grad Show December 11-18, Kaurna Building, Unisa City West
'Atana Dapuritojo Potinija' 36 photo-etched ceramic tiles (1.5x1.5)
Scratching the Surface August 6, Liverpool Street Studios, Unisa City West
‘They are coming’  80x80cm 15 -etched ceramic tiles and 720 -mosaic tiles

Unisa City West Campus Art in Public - 20m Mural, student theme - Birth of the Thinking Brain, commisioned by the university's School of Art, Architecture and Design.    


Follow the Thread Exhibition 10 April - 19 May, Stationmaster's Art Gallery
'Loss of Presence'  2mx1.5m cotton, minerals and found objects textile art project


ANZ Art Competition for the Environment - 2nd prize for collaged portraiture, newsprint, card